Commercial Tree & Shrub Service

LaBarge Landscape cares for every type of plant that grows from the ground up—that includes trees and shrubs, whether saplings or mature giants. We tend to the health of your trees and shrubs as well as prune away overgrowth to maintain a manicured look on your commercial campus.

Protect Your Landscape Investments

The trees and shrubs on your commercial property are natural assets. Whether you put them there or simply inherited them, they are extremely valuable. Consider this:

  • Mature trees are very expensive to replace. For instance, to replace a mature oak of comparable size, you may spend tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Mature shrubs are nearly impossible to replace.

Although you can replace existing trees or shrubs with new growth, younger plants will significantly alter the look of your outdoor space. If a mature tree shaded your building, you may experience increases in radiant heat absorption, too.

Tree and Shrub Services We Offer

LaBarge Landscape offers tree and shrub services intended to keep your existing plants healthy and well-groomed, including:

  • Lifting branches to 10’
  • Fertilizing (recommended once per year)
  • Treat plants for pest and disease resistance

We offer consultation and recommendations before treating any plants with herbicides, pesticides or chemical remedies.

We also plant new trees and shrubs and can help you select the best varieties—those ideally suited for conditions on your grounds and that complement your overall landscape design.

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for tree and shrub service. We provide on-site evaluations to assess the health of your trees and shrubs and recommend treatments to address pest or disease issues. Our crews gladly serve businesses throughout the greater Albuquerque area, including Rio Rancho.

Protect your business’ natural assets. Call LaBarge Landscape for a free estimate for commercial tree and shrub service.
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