Commercial Fertilizing & Weed Control

Weeds can quickly strangle the plants you do want in your outdoor space and create quite an uninviting appearance. LaBarge Landscape can help your lawn and/or xeriscape plants flourish while keeping weeds at bay with our fertilizing and weed control services.

Routine Fertilizing

Most native soil in most of New Mexico is nutrient-poor, so to keep your landscaping healthy, you need to supplement with fertilizer. LaBarge Landscape recommends fertilizing:

  • Three times per year for grass lawns
  • Once per year for most other plants

We use quality products from top brands that are chosen specifically to nurture the plants in your outdoor space.

Proactive Weed Control

The best way to keep weeds away is to prevent them from taking root. For that reason, LaBarge Landscape strongly recommends seasonal pre-emergent weed spraying:

  • Late winter/early spring (February-March)
  • Late summer/early fall (September-October)

We also provide post-emergent weed control on a regular or as-needed basis.

LaBarge Landscape is licensed by the State of New Mexico to spray herbicides and pesticides. However, to the greatest extent possible, we use natural and/or organic substances that are safe for wild and domesticated animals and people. If chemical sprays are required, we will always inform you before weed and/or pest control service and can provide you with Material Safety Data Sheets if needed.

Contact LaBarge Landscape for a free estimate. Fertilizing and weed control are available as stand-alone services or may be combined into a customized commercial lawn maintenance package or with tree and shrub service. All commercial landscape services are available for businesses throughout the greater Albuquerque area, including Rio Rancho, the East Mountain community and Santa Fe.

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