Custom Water Features

LaBarge Landscape can help you create a unique and enjoyable outdoor living space with custom water features. Our water features are created using natural stone or stone pavers selected to complement your yard’s overall appearance.

Why Consider Adding a Custom Water Feature

Water features add the natural beauty and serenity of water to your outdoor space. Our fountains typically feature bubbling and/or gently trickling streams, which create a calming ambiance.

When installed in the front yard, water features can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal. When placed in the back yard, water features create an inviting secluded relaxation spot.

Water Features Built from the Ground-Up

The landscape professionals at LaBarge Landscape have the skills to create your custom water feature with the same materials they may use for xeriscaping or hardscapes. We select boulders of sufficient size and that match the overall style of your yard and install the necessary fixtures to supply and pump water.

The mechanical parts and workmanship of our custom water features are covered under our one-year warranty.

You are not limited to our custom water features. We are happy to install commercially manufactured water features if that is what you prefer.

More Ways to Beautify Your Yard

Custom water features are just one option for creating your dream outdoor space. LaBarge Landscape offers more, including:

Explore the possibilities for your yard. We offer full landscape design services and free estimates to homeowners throughout the greater Albuquerque area, including Rio Rancho, the East Mountain community and Santa Fe. Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation today.

LaBarge Landscape creates custom water features to enhance the serenity of your outdoor living space. Call us for a free estimate.
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