Commercial Xeriscape Services

If your business wants to improve its water conservation efforts yet maintain an attractive walk-up appearance, xeriscaping may be the ideal landscape solution. LaBarge Landscape can help you transform a lawn or maintain your existing xeriscaping to create beautiful water-saving grounds.

Benefits of Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping can enhance your cost savings in two ways:

  • Reducing your water usage
  • Reducing maintenance

Businesses transitioning from turf to xeriscape may also qualify for rebates from the Water Utility Authority. LaBarge Landscape is one of the ABCWUA’s preferred contractors and can answer your questions and prepare the documentation you need to save on your monthly bill.

Xeriscape Transitions

The professionals at LaBarge Landscape have decades of landscaping experience. We know how to do xeriscape transitions right to ensure the greatest water conservation potential and minimize weed infiltration.

Before starting work, we take the time to have an on-site consultation so that we can assess:

  • Your current irrigation system (which may need modification for soaker irrigation)
  • What types of plants will work best and where to place them
  • Areas that may require grading for adequate/improved drainage

We prepare a free estimate for all labor and materials, and we cover our work with a one-year warranty.

Xeriscape Maintenance

Xeriscape landscaping is low-maintenance, but it does need regular attention to prevent weed infestation and groundcover erosion. LaBarge Landscape offers regular landscape maintenance service when you need it—weekly, biweekly or monthly. We also provide seasonal clean-up service to restore your xeriscaping to a healthier state after weeks or months of neglect.

Contact us to create a customized xeriscape maintenance plan for your Albuquerque-area business. We serve companies east of the Sandias and as far north as Santa Fe.

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