Residential Sod Installation

If your dream home landscape includes a lush lawn, LaBarge Landscape can help you achieve just that. We provide sod installation so that you can instantly enjoy the lush look and feel of natural turf.

Why Consider Sod (Lawn Turf) Installation

While xeriscape yards offer the benefits of water conservation and hardiness, natural turf offers its own distinct advantages, such as:

  • Softer look for your outdoor space
  • Softer play surface for children and pets
  • Vibrant color

Sod allows you to achieve a lush lawn without waiting for seed growth, which leaves soil exposed and ripe for weed infiltration.

Popular Residential Sod Options

LaBarge Landscape offers two main varieties of sod for home installation:

  • Blue grass
  • Tall fescue

A number of factors may determine which sod type is best for your home, such as:

  • Amount of shade/sun
  • Watering requirements
  • Maintenance requirements

Our professionals can provide recommendations to make sure you get the sod best suited for you.

The Sod Installation Process

To ensure that your new sod lawn thrives, the ground must be properly prepared. Our full sod installation process includes:

  • Removing existing grass and weeds
  • Removing topsoil (often nutrient-depleted and full of weed seeds)
  • Install new top soil
  • Install sod

If your yard does not already have an irrigation system, we can install one. We warranty our sod installation with our 90 day warranty only if a properly functioning irrigation system is present.

Keep Your Newly Installed Lawn Beautiful

LaBarge Landscape provides all the landscaping services needed to keep your new sod looking beautiful, including:

Contact us for a free estimate for sod installation and on-going landscape services in the greater Albuquerque area.

Sod installation allows you to achieve a lush lawn nearly instantly. Call LaBarge Landscape for a free estimate.
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