Residential Shade Structures: Custom Patio Covers & Pergolas

When you choose LaBarge Landscape for your residential landscaping needs, you get a contractor who can do everything to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Our services include custom patios and pergolas that provide the shade you need to enjoy your outdoor space in nearly any weather.

Custom-Built Shade Structures

shade structure

LaBarge Landscape has extensive landscaping construction experience. We create custom patios and pergolas from the ground up, using rough-hewn timber, polished timbers, composites and metals.

We do everything needed to create your custom shade structure from start to finish, including:

  • Design—we create a sketch of the patio or pergola that meets your needs and complements your overall landscape design. We design open- and closed-roof patios and pergolas as well as fully enclosed spaces for maximum protection from the elements and pests.
  • Build—we construct your patio or pergola on-site
  • Treat—we apply water-resistance treatment to protect all timber
  • Paint or stain—we apply color and/or lacquered finish (if desired) to achieve a polished look

We also install any surrounding features, such as steps or pathway, needed to facilitate easy access to your new patio or pergola.

Pre-Manufactured Shade Structures

While LaBarge Landscape has the expertise to design and build custom patios and pergolas, you are not limited to what we can create. Our landscape professionals are happy to install pre-built shade structures (manufacturer’s warranty will apply).

Shade Structures for Expanded Possibilities

Patios and pergolas do more than just shade the sometimes harsh New Mexico sun. Shade structures open up possibilities for more features for your outdoor living space, such as:

  • Hanging plants
  • Ceiling fans
  • Light fixtures

LaBarge Landscape can install any additional feature you would like in your custom patio or pergola.

Contact us for a free estimate for custom shade structures for your home. We proudly serve the greater Albuquerque area, including Rio Rancho, the East Mountain community and Santa Fe.

LaBarge Landscape creates custom patios and pergolas for an all-season outdoor space. Call us for a free estimate.
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