Commercial Sod Installation


If you want your commercial property to have a lush green lawn where one does not already exist, sod installation may be your best option. LaBarge Landscape uses quality sod, including hardy, drought-resistant varieties, to give you the manicured look you want for your business’ outdoor space.

Why Consider Sod Installation vs. Grass Seed

Sod installation often offers better results than grass seed for a number of reasons:

  1. Grass seed is often quickly displaced by seasonal winds and rain, resulting in a patchy lawn (or no lawn at all)
  2. Areas seeded with grass are vulnerable to weed infestation
  3. Native soil is often depleted of nutrients needed to support healthy grass

Sod immediately covers the area with mature natural turf that looks good and has a better chance of thriving.

Types of Sod We Carry

The most popular grass varieties offered by LaBarge Landscape include:

  • Blue grass
  • Tall fescue

A number of other varieties are available, and we can help you find the type of grass best suited for your business’ outdoor space during a free on-site consultation.

Full Sod Installation Service

You need more than rolls of sod to get a natural turf lawn that will last more than a few weeks. The professionals at LaBarge Landscape do everything necessary to prepare for your new lawn, including:

  • Remove existing groundcover, including nutrient-poor topsoil
  • Install new topsoil
  • Install sod

Because our 90 days warranty only covers sod installed at commercial facilities with a properly functioning irrigation system, we will also check your existing system and/or install a new one.

Professional On-Going Lawn Care

You can count on LaBarge Landscape to keep your new lush lawn looking great with ongoing lawn maintenance services. We provide regular mowing, trimming, etc. as well as seasonal services, such as fertilizing and weed control. Contact us to develop a customized lawn maintenance plan and get a free estimate. Our commercial landscape services are available throughout the greater Albuquerque area, including Rio Rancho, the East Mountain community and Santa Fe.

Get the lush lawn you want leading to your doors. Call LaBarge Landscape for a free estimate for commercial sod installation.
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